… is such a grey day its hard to be inspired outside; but I am only too aware that soon, very soon, we will lose that hour in the evening.  Of course there ARE still the same number of daylight hours, but if you are a bit of a night owl like me then early starts are not customary and I only come in when I can no longer actually see what I am doing ….

Only a few days ago it was one of those brilliant Autumn days when golden light from the low sun perfectly complimented the fiery hues of the turning leaves in a spectacular display of yellows, golds, bronzes and reds.  And its early season yet so the best is still to come.

Which reminds me, I must squeeze in a couple of small trees or shrubs, specifically for autumn colour.

And there are still loads of things to do outside.  Not least, to get some of those poor plants out of the pots (in which they have been struggling to stay alive for far too long) and into the ground before it’s too cold.  I can almost hear them give a sigh of relief as I knock them out of their ‘corsets’ and plant them in freshly dug soil, settling them in so that their little roots can spread with gay abandon.  Then next year I will be amazed to see how much they have grown, how much larger the leaves are now that they can get ample air, water and nutrients … will I never learn?  It’s not that I don’t mean to get them straight in when I buy them, but I cannot resist; and then I have to find the perfect spot.  Speaking of which…….


4 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Great first blog Jill! I love how you write 🙂 I could hear the contented sighs from your plants. All the very best with future posts, I really look forward to more. x

  2. jbbi says:

    Stinging nettles – of which I have had a lot but only a few left now for wildlife. And I’m usually apologising to my plants for not doing what I should as quickly as I should do it! 🙂

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